We're an HR-Tech company on a mission to simplify healthcare recruiting.


We are a young and interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, software engineers, HR experts and marketeers who set out to revolutionize medical recruiting.


We deploy state-of-the-art information technologies to automate processes, to better understand vast amounts of data and to decrease recruiting costs for our customers.


We stand for a strong healthcare system and ensure that our customers can easily and effectively find the required medical professionals—for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our Platforms

Digital and efficient medical recruiting. For a strong healthcare system.

The leading career platform for doctors in Switzerland with over 900 jobs, over 600 employer profiles and a vast array of career information such as salaries and training opportunities.

A short-term staffing platform for nurses in Switzerland. We find the right short-term job fitting the candidate's requirements, for free.

Our Team

The people behind our mission

Dr. med. Nicola Rüegsegger

Founder & Board Member

As a medical doctor with a second background in computer science Nicola unifies the worlds of medicine and IT. He knows what it takes to work in the healthcare system and wants to help as many medical professionals as possible to find the perfect place to work.

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Full-Stack Developer (Nuxt & Symfony) 60-100%

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