We're an HR-Tech company on a mission to simplify healthcare recruiting.


We are a young and interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, software engineers, HR experts and marketeers who set out to revolutionize medical recruiting.


We deploy state-of-the-art information technologies to automate processes, to better understand vast amounts of data and to decrease recruiting costs for our customers.


We stand for a strong healthcare system and ensure that our customers can easily and effectively find the required medical professionals—for the benefit of society as a whole.

Our Platforms

Digital and efficient medical recruiting. For a strong healthcare system.

The leading career platform for doctors in Switzerland with over 900 jobs, over 600 employer profiles and a vast array of career information such as salaries and training opportunities.

A short-term staffing platform for nurses in Switzerland. We find the right short-term job fitting the candidate's requirements, for free.

Our Team

The people behind our mission

Noëmi Kalbermatter

Community & Communications

As a language student, Noëmi loves the world of communication. At Medison she combines her heart for the healthcare system with her creativity. In her role as marketing trainee she ensures both a high visibility as well as a thriving dialogue with our users.

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Full-Stack Developer (Nuxt & Symfony) 60-100%

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