We support and connect professionals and employers in the healthcare system with all our heart. And the latest technology.

Who we are

We are a young and interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, software engineers, HR experts and marketeers who set out to revolutionize the medical job market.

What we're doing

We deploy the latest technologies to support medical professionals on their career paths, to foster flexible work options and to help secure an excellent healthcare system at all times.

Why we're doing it

We dream of a world where medical professionals can effortlessly find the perfect job, maintain a healthy work-life-balance and excel in a fulfilling career.

Our Platforms

For a better medical job market

The leading career platform for doctors in Switzerland with over 900 jobs, over 600 employer profiles and a vast array of career information such as salaries and training opportunities.

A recruitment platform to bring more medical professionals into the healthcare system during the corona crisis. Built in cooperation with ETH Zürich and various other organizations.

Our Team

The people behind Medison

Nicola Rüegsegger

Founder & CEO

As a medical doctor with a second background in computer science Nicola unifies the worlds of medicine and IT. He knows what it takes to work in the healthcare system and wants to help as many medical professionals as possible on their important but often very challenging journey.

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Join our team and change how the medical job market works!

Trainee Digital Sales 80-100% 12 Monate

Möchtest du in die spannende Digital Sales Welt (B2B) einsteigen und gleichzeitig mithelfen, den medizinischen Arbeitsmarkt zu revolutionieren? Dann suchen wir genau dich!

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April 2021