We are a Health-Tech company on a mission to increase collaboration, transparency and flexibility in the medical job market.

Our Mission

We support professionals and employers in the healthcare system with all our heart.
And the latest technology.

We are a young and interdisciplinary team of medical professionals, software engineers, HR experts and marketeers who set out to revolutionize the medical job market.

We deploy the latest technology with machine learning algorithms to make the vast amount of information in the medical job market meaningful and easily accessible.

We dream of a world where medical professionals can effortlessly find the perfect job, maintain a healthy work-life-balance and excel in a fulfilling career.

Our Products

For a better medical job market

The leading career platform for doctors in Switzerland with over 900 jobs, over 600 employer profiles and a vast array of career information such as salaries and training opportunities.

A recruitment platform to bring more medical professionals into the healthcare system during the corona crisis. Built in cooperation with ETH Zürich and various other organizations.

Our Team

Get to know what drives each and everyone of us

Pascal Wacker

Co-Founder & CTO

Pascal joined Medison as employee number 1—and quickly became CTO and co-owner of the company. As an experienced full-stack developer and software engineer trained at ETH Zrich, Pascal loves to push the limits of technology in order to make it as useful as possible to the people using it.

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Join our team and change how the medical job market works!

Chief Marketing Officer 60%

Ready, mit uns als Marketing-Rakete 🚀 den medizinischen Arbeitsmarkt zu revolutionieren? Join our team!

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September 2020

Vue.js Developer 60%

Sorge dafür, dass Fachkräfte und Arbeitgeber im Gesundheitswesen auf State-of-the-Art Platformen zueinander finden!



September 2020